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Our Services

Integrity Metals operates its own rolling stock fleet. This consists of 20 semi tractors and roll-off trucks and several hundred trailers and containers. Our customers deal directly with us and not through a third party hauler. We purchase all new equipment. Our fleet of trucks are all Macks. This way our maintenance is minimal and our trucks are on the road where they should be. We also have enough backup for the times we do have preventative work done on our equipment. Our containers are leak-proof to assure that no oily scrap leaks out onto the highways.

Integrity Metals is always looking for better and more innovative ways to handle its customers scrap. We will provide recycling services for your plastic and corrugated scrap. We have provided scales, conveyor systems and even buildings to manage your scrap in the most efficient and safe manner.

We also provide custom scrap management plans for customers. Some of our customers with multiple facilities ask us to manage their scrap at all their facilities. This assures them of getting the most for their scrap at locations that are not close to their headquarters as well as making sure their scrap is being handled in a proper environmentally safe manner.